1. What is CGV Cinemas?

CJ CGV is the largest multiplex cinema chain in South Korea, and the world’s Top 5 cinema exhibition
company present in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Turkey and United States.
CGV Cinemas has two locations in the U.S. – Los Angeles and Buena Park, California. CGV Cinemas is
dedicated to showing Hollywood blockbusters as well as the best Asian films with subtitles providing
everyone the chance to enjoy world-class entertainment. CGV Cinemas delivers the highest standards through
beautiful facilities, cutting edge sound, and immersive movie-viewing technologies such as 4DX and ScreenX.
Also specializing in food and beverages, CGV Cinemas offers a wide variety of popcorn flavors such as
Caramel and Sour, Cream and Onion, and a premium selection of beer and wine at The Bar at CGV Cinemas Buena Park.

2. What are your hours of operation?

CGV Cinemas operates daily from 9:00AM to 10:00PM (Hours may vary based on movie schedule.)

3. Where are you located?

CGV Cinemas Los Angeles is located at 621 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles CA 90005 at The Madang Complex. Entrance to
the parking can be found on 6th and Manhattan Place.
CGV Cinemas Buena Park is located at 6988 Beach Blvd., Buena Park CA 90621 at The Source Mall. Parking is available
on Beach Boulevard and Orangethorpe Avenue.

4. Where can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets online at www.cgvcinemas.com or at the Box Office.

5. Can I select my seats in advance?

Absolutely! At the Box Office, you can view which seats are available and choose where you would like to be
seated. Online, once you select the movie and showtime, you will be processed to the seating chart where
you can simply click on the seats before proceeding to checkout.

6. What special formats do you have?

CGV Cinemas Los Angeles:
– 3D: $4.00
– ScreenX: $5.00
– Premium Seats: $5.00
CGV Buena Park:
– 3D: $4.00
– 4DX: $8.00
– ScreenX: $5.00
– Premium Cinema: $5.00
(Surcharges subject to change at any time).

7. Do you validate parking?

At CGV Cinemas Los Angeles, we provide validation for movie ticket buyers for 4 hours in the Madang parking complex. At CGV Cinemas Buena Park, parking is free of charge.

8. Where can I purchase gift cards?

Gift cards are available at all CGV Cinemas locations. Purchase is only available in-person, and the minimum amount is $15.

9. How can I advertise at CGV Cinemas?

For inquiries on screen advertising, please contact info@cgvcinemas.com and a representative will assist you further.

10. How can I work at CGV Cinemas?

If you are interested in becoming a part of the CGV Cinemas Team, please send your resume and short introduction to jobs@cgvcinemas.com. For more information please visit Careers