CJ CGV America Holdings, LLC (“CJ CGV”, “we” or “us”) has created this Privacy Policy in order to explain in detail how we gather and use information on this website. CJ CGV understands the importance of carefully protecting our online guests¡¯ private information. Our policy is designed to offer you, our guests, with the utmost online protection and the best site-browsing experience. Sharing your personal information with us is always optional, as are the events and membership programs that may require the collection of this data. If you wish to unsubscribe from our programs or e-mail newsletters, you may request to do so at any time and CJ CGV will remove you from the corresponding contact lists in a prompt manner. Please read this Privacy Policy thoroughly before using our website as use of this site constitutes your acceptance and acknowledgement of this Privacy Policy.

Collection of Your Information
We may ask you to provide personal information when you create an online account, purchase products or services, join our membership club or other loyalty program, participate in a sweepstakes, promotion, poll or survey, contact us with a question or concern, or participate in other activities when you visit an CJ CGV website. This information may include but not but be limited to your full name, address, phone number, birth date, e-mail address, payment information, and any other data that we may use to personally identify you. In connection with these and other services, we may also ask questions that are related to demographics (age, gender, income, etc.), hobbies and interests, buying preferences, etc. in order to understand our patrons and design events and services that will better suit their interests and needs.

There are times when our web server will automatically collect web site usage and user information. This includes the search engine used to access the CJ CGV website, previous sites visited, the type of browser used, and the user¡¯s IP address. CJ CGV may also collect information concerning your movie preferences, such as the movies for which you purchase tickets. CJ CGV also collects information that you may disclose to CJ CGV, such as comments, ratings or reviews made on the CJ CGV site or emails you send to us. The foregoing information is collected by our servers and may be used for compiling aggregate consumer data that that can help us provide better services for CJ CGV guests.

Use of Your Information
CJ CGV will primarily collect information to provide quality service to our patrons and guests of our theater and web site. We, as well as our affiliates, may use this information in various ways, including but not limited to:

– To fulfill your requests for certain services such as creating a membership account, entering a contest, or joining a mailing list (e.g. for theater-related news and events, vouchers, coupons, upcoming events as well as advertisements, special offers, savings, entertainment news, and CJ CGV news).
– To improve the functions and navigability of our web site as well as better tailor it to the interests and needs of our patrons.
– To contact you, if necessary, through e-mail or other appropriate means.

Collecting your information in the form of aggregate data can help us determine which features and parts of our website are the most and least popular with our guests, so we can improve the overall quality of our site and content. You will not be personally identified in any of these aggregate data lists. CJ CGV may also update your information from time to time based on the changes you send us or the information we receive from our affiliates or third party associates. We will treat all information as if we have collected it ourselves.

Sharing Your Information
There may be times when CJ CGV will aggregate and share the information we collect on our website. We share, combine, and update your information with CJ CGV affiliated or subsidiary entities. CJ CGV will not sell, rent, or barter your personally identifiable information to any other third party. However, we may use your personal and aggregated information as an asset in connection with planned or potential corporate sales, mergers, reorganizations, dissolutions or similar events, where we may transfer the data to buyers.

CJ CGV uses third parties to assist it in providing services, fulfilling orders and information requests, to improve your experience on the website and for other business purposes. CJ CGV will share your personally identifiable information with these third parties for these purposes; however, these third parties will not contact you directly.

CJ CGV shares aggregated information such as statistical data regarding our customers, web site traffic patterns, box office revenues, or other research, with its third party service providers to assist it with collecting demographic information and improving its websites. CJ CGV shares aggregated information with potential advertisers, contractors, investors and other third parties in connection with the sale of advertising and the marketing of CJ CGV¡¯s products and services. As mentioned earlier in this Privacy Policy, your personal information will not be singled out or identifiable within this aggregate data.

There may also be instances when CJ CGV will be required by law to disclose our collected information. This may be in compliance with a court order or subpoena served on our website, or to protect and defend the legal rights or property of CJ CGVs web site and its users.
CJ CGV will comply with all appropriate and necessary procedures prompted by the law.

Third Party Sites
CJ CGV will sometimes display links from third-party sites or advertisers on our web pages. These links are featured on our site because we feel that they will be of interest to our users, however, please note that we are not recommending or supporting these sites¡¯ services. Once you have left our web site and entered these third-party sites, their respective privacy policies will take effect. CJ CGV is not responsible for the content or activity of these sites, as our Privacy Policy only applies to our website.
You should be aware that when you click on these third-party advertisements or links, you may deploy cookies or web beacons, which third parties may use to identify some of your preferences or to recognize you if you have previously been to their website or otherwise had contact with them. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of the advertisers and other websites to learn how they may collect and use information about you.

Children¡¯s Guidelines
CJ CGV does not specifically target its online services to children under 13 years old. If you are under the age of 13 you may use our web site only under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Please note that our site may contain links to content providers that collect information from children under the age of 13. We have no control over such content providers and are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other web sites. Because the Internet offers open access to a wide range of information, it is important that parents supervise and prevent access to inappropriate content, email or other correspondence.

Cookies are bits of web information that allow us to store some of your information in your hard drive.
The purpose of cookies is to make your use of our website easier the next time you visit. For example, cookies would allow us to save your login information on your computer so that you will not have to type it in over and over again each time you visit.
Cookies help us customize your visit to our site and your personal preferences. Cookies are common among Internet sites and you may easily change cookies options on your computer just by changing your browser settings to prevent them.
You may disable cookies on your computer, but please be notified that some of our site features will not function properly without their use.

CJ CGV makes the security of your information a priority. For all our online functions and services, CJ CGV uses appropriate security measures, such as password protections and firewalls to guard against unauthorized access.

We also stress the importance of online security to our affiliated companies and third parties that are connected to our website.
However, we encourage you to take special precautions when releasing your information online because we cannot guarantee perfect security when it comes to online information sharing. Despite our efforts, it is ultimately your responsibility to assess the risks involved with releasing your information online.

Changing Your Information
CJ CGV website users have the ability to change their personal information online when necessary. For example, if your address or phone number has changed, it is your responsibility to change your account information online. CJ CGV cannot update your information for you, so please keep your account up to date because we may send you important pieces of information, vouchers, coupons, and more to the contact details you provide us on the site

Opt-out; Contact Information
If you would like to stop receiving messages from CJ CGV theaters and affiliated companies, you can simply request our management team to remove your name from our e-mailing and mailing lists. To do this, send a simple e-mail to unsubscribe@cgvtheaters.com requesting to unsubscribe, and you will be removed from our mailing list within a reasonable time.

If you have any questions regarding the overall Privacy Policy, please contact us at any time at management@cgvtheaters.com or by mail at: CJ CGV America LA, LLC
[City State Zip]

Changes to this Policy
CJ CGV America LA, LLC reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. CJ CGV may change the way we modify, use, or collect your information without notifying you before implementing the changes. We will, however, update them on the Privacy Policy page of our website so we encourage you to check for changes to this policy from time to time to check if they would affect your usage of our site.

Your usage of our website constitutes acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy and an agreement that CJ CGV has the right to use and collect your information in the way described on this page. If you do not accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, you must not use the CJ CGV website.