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White: Melody of Death (Digital) - English subtitles

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  • Genre : Horror, Suspense/Thriller
  • Runtime : 106 min
  • Release Date : 07/08/2011
  • Director : Gok Kim,Sun Kim
  • Starring : Eun-Jung Hahm,Seul-Hye Hwangwoo,Maydoni,A-ra Choi,Sae-yeon Chin
  • Rating : NR
  • Show Times : 7/21(Thu):,[PM1:15,3:30,5:45,8:00]


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The Pink Dolls -- a K-pop girl group composed of Eun-Joo (Eun-Jung Hahm), a former backup dancer; Jenny (Sae-yeon Chin), a singer who is insecure about hitting her high notes; A-Rang (A-ra Choi), the pretty one addicted to cosmetic surgery; and Shin-Ji (Maydoni Kim), the tough girl rapper -- is struggling to break out in a landscape littered with popular acts, when Eun-Joo comes across a mysterious music video for a song titled WHITE. When their producer decides to remake the song and feature one of the girls as the star, the Pink Dolls' popularity soars, but jealousy and resentment also start to tear the group apart. At the same time, horrifying accidents begin to befall the girls. In order to save herself and her teammates, Eun-Joo scrambles to figure out the black origins of WHITE.