Sypnosis & Details

Mi-Young who used to be considered the Major Crimes Units top cop is stationed behind a desk after having a baby. She leads uneventful yet peaceful days at handling civil complaints and looking after her son and unemployed husband at home. One day an overly enthusiastic detective Ji-Hye is consigned to Mi-Youngs team and the bicker over every little thing from the moment they meet. In fact they are sisters-is-law and neither are happy about sitting next to each other all day in the same office. But differences are pushed aside when a woman who came to file a report gets run over in front of Mi-Young and Ji-Hye. They discover that the woman is the victim of spy cam porn and has been threatened it would go up on a community site in 3 days. The two cops take the case tot the relevant powers but due to workload no one can handle it in time. Ji-Hyes burning passion for justice rekindles Mi-Youngs sense of duty and the two decode to take matters into their own han

  • Rating: NR15
  • Runtime: 107min
  • Directed By: Jung Da-Won
  • Cast: Ra Mi-Ran, Yoon Sang-Hyun, Choi Soo-Young, Lee Sung-Kyung

Miss & Mrs Cops

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KOR Lang | ENG Subs

KOR Lang | ENG Subs