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Only One, CJ Group!! 영화 그이상의 감동

HallCGV at Madang, Los Angeles is the first American branch of the South Korean multiplex chain, CJ CGV. As one of the many components of parent company, CJ Group, CGV Los Angeles aims to provide our customers with the utmost in cinema entertainment, offering levels of quality and service beyond that of the usual theater visit.

With our mission reflecting our old-standing slogan, "Funplex," this boutique rendition of CGV in America hopes to bring our patrons a fun-filled experience of joy, comfort, and relaxation they will never forget. First opening to audiences in 1998, CJ CGV changed the South Korean cinema landscape, not only by being the first multiplex theatre in the country but also by delivering unmatched standards of luxury and comfort in the movie-viewing experience. Unique to CJ"s line of theatres, premium seating, 4D effects, rewards membership programs, and emphasis on customer value and care provide key differentiating factors that keep our patrons returning to CGV theaters. For the first cinema complex in the United States, CGV at Madang aims to reproduce these services by offering similar features specially designed to serve

Tailored to suit the diverse and artistically rich tastes of Los Angelenos, CGV at Madang presents a global spectrum of films, featuring Hollywood hits as well as spotlighting the burgeoning market of Asian motion pictures. Focusing mostly on Korean and US, CGV"s projection lineup promises to include groundbreaking blockbusters and influential pieces made across the globe.

Here at CGV, our staff and management constantly look for new ways to improve quality and customer service, and in line with our affiliated CJ production and distribution companies, we hope to provide our patrons with the best in cinema entertainment for years to come.

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